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Linden Lab is the maker of Second Life ® — a 3D virtual world created by its Residents.

Sclera Design provides hosting for UAG/TMG, SharePoint 2010, Exchange 2010, CRM 4, Dynamics, their Sclera Dynamics Business Portal, dedicated servers, virtual private servers, and various other commodity hosting.

Student Loan Finance Corporation is a secondary market for student loans, providing liquidity for financial institutions and low default rates for institutions of higher education.

helenstarr productions employs Second Life’s digital interactive world to create the Holocaust survivor, Fanny Starr, Lecture Series.

Capella University is an online university with partial residency requirements during the course of study, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Second Life Education in New Zealand, funded by the Tertiary Education Commission, used the Second Life virtual world environment in tertiary institutions in New Zealand for midwifery and foundation learning.


Rhett Linden of Second Life Linden Lab:
"Working with Veronica and her team is a pleasure. We have done a number of video projects together and they have all been well crafted, and delivered on time and within budget."

Tere Tinkel of Virtual Life Education New Zealand:
"I found working with Veronica and Russell from PookyMedia a delight and am thrilled with the final product. I found they struck the right balance between listening to what I wanted and taking on board my and my colleague's ideas, and bringing their own expertise to ensure a better final product. We had a tight timeframe to work to, but they pulled out all stops to meet it. We were in three different countries (New Zealand, US and Scotland) so it was a challenge to find times when we were all awake to meet and do the voice recordings. I brought in my 82 year old mother to be one of the voices for the video, and Russell was exceptional in coaching her through the recording from the other side of the world, despite her nervousness with technology. I would recommend PookyMedia to anyone wanting a quality product, and to have fun, while feeling listened to and supported, during the development."

Patio Plasma of The 'Splo - The First Interactive Science Museum in Second Life:
"4 represents the highest rating. Pooky Media did an excellent job producing a great Machinima for me to use advertising Pi Day at the Exploratorium in Second Life. The work was done quickly with great professionalism. Pooky Media worked with me and listened to what I wanted, then made it happen. I recommend them highly."

AgileBill Firehawk of Agile Dimensions LLC:
"I am rating this 4 - assuming that is the highest possible. Pooky and her team provided top notch service. I was proud to retain and pay them for mission critical work were I needed the highest quality. This machinima was used to launch my RL/SL business. I knew her production value was the best I had seen. But what I learned through working with her was that her customer service of her team was top notch by any standards. 1)The taught me what I needed to do to plan and execute excellent machinima 2) They were flexible with my schedule as needed. 3) The followed up to complete and finish a very high quality product, which I have used with over 100 RL Software consultants. The work is at http://bit.ly/Agile3dCon10a It's not just that she does good machinima. She is a model of how to run a business....in any world. Bill Krebs / AgileBill Firehawk, Principal, Agile Dimensions LLC"

Carol Anne Hagele of San Gabriel Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District:
San Gabriel Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District helps keeps Southern California safe. There has been a recent outbreak of the aggressive Asian Tiger Mosquitos and PookyMedia was called upon to deliver a video that children, their families and caregivers could relate to and understand. We delivered.
"I thought you'd like to know that today was the first Tiger Mosquito Assemblies and the machinima was a great success with kids Kindergarten through Eighth grade. The kids in all groups were quiet and engaged (no fidgeting or talking) with eyes glued to the screen - even at the very back of the room. They laughed out loud at several points and really liked the mosquitoes getting squashed. When quizzed afterward all age groups understood clearly what they needed to do and how to do it. The only questions I got were about things we didn't cover. You got a round of applause from both groups at the end!"


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