Virtual world platform excellent for interactive game shows and television development/visualization.

The 1st Question represents proof positive that highly engaged audiences take part in the programming as it is happening before them. No longer needing to travel to Universal City in Hollywood, virtual environments allow for people to log in and become part of the show. It's much more immersive than any flat second screen experience!

This next effect in entertainment has been proven by PookyMedia games shows such as The 1st Question and The Dating Casino.

In Second Life, join Pooky Amsterdam and Hydra Shaftoe as they ask the big questions around science, invention & achievement.
Lovey Foxtrot brings a half hour of frothy fun with romantic situations for Second Lifers.

Let us set the stage for a fraction of the cost and let you see in this 360 degree environment where you can maximize impact and production before you spend any money in the physical world. We can create any set design, prototype any format and expand your planning horizons quick, easily and prototype your program. 

Building your vision virtually means less time and lower costs.


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